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The possibilities for your new home far exceed the popular ideas we suggest.  In addition to the available options, you may have custom features you want us to incorporate into your new home.  Think, dream, imagine, look----we will assist you in any way that we can to make these decisions as early as possible.

Key Benefits

bulletLets you add, upgrade, or change items before the completion of your new home.
bulletAllows you to have everything in the home that you envision.
bulletAllows you the opportunity to add character and distinction to your new home.


Please keep in mind that your new neighbors have the same opportunity to add ideas and changes to their new home and they may add or request still other features.  We will be happy to provide you with pricing on duplicating such items in your home, but make no claim that we have mentioned or offered every possible idea.  

With any changes, please bear in mind that in order to deliver your home as close as possible to the target date, we order many items well in advance of installation.  Once a particular item is ordered, making further changes may involve an adjustment in the planned delivery date and additional costs.  By working within the boundaries of the change order schedule, you can usually avoid both.

                          Cutoff Points for Changes                        

By completing any change orders according to the schedule below, you can save additional costs and avoid adding days to the construction schedule.

Change Affecting:                                                                                                                                       

1.  Foundation                                                                            

2.  Windows, doors, and elevation

3.  Mechanical systems, cabinets, and appliances

4.  Texture, wallpaper, hardware and lighting

5.  Interior trim and floor coverings

6.  Landscape design

Should be made prior to (referenced to the above items):

1.  Engineering and permit applications.

2.  Foundation.

3.  Framing.

4.  Mechanical rough-ins.

5.  Insulation.

6.  Interior trim.


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