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Constructing your dream home is an exciting experience.  It is also a complicated process, with many details to be decided and arranged.  While Blackman Builders, Inc. is building your new home, you participate by taking care of several important aspects of your purchase.  Our responsibility to you, as our customer, is to make the building process as simple and as easy as possible, from start to finish.  This is our commitment to you, our customer.

Key Benefits


bulletBlackman Builders will have your custom home plans designed and submitted for any and all committee approvals.
bulletBlackman Builders will guide and help you with any of your new home selections.
bulletBlackman Builders will assist in whatever means necessary in applying for your new home loan.  We may suggest various lenders in our area that are appropriate for your specific financial situation.
bulletBlackman Builders will also secure all of the necessary permits needed for the construction of your home.



Blackman Builders wants to help make the building of your home go as smoothly and worry free as possible.  We will arrange several appointments on your behalf.  Some of the appointments that you may expect are as follows; you will meet with a designer to assist you in the design and requirements for your home.  We arrange appointments for you with our cabinetry specialist, plumbing fixtures representative, our landscape artist, window and door specialist, interior flooring supplier, and electrical fixtures representative.  We may also arrange meetings for various items such as wallpaper installation, furniture, and if needed an interior decorator.  Blackman Builders, at your request, would be happy to accompany you to any and all of these meetings.  We will arrange some of the above mentioned meetings at our office for your convenience.

A Home of the Future


Blackman Builders firmly believes in the future of technology.  Our homes are built with the future in mind.  We offer structured wiring in our homes using a minimum installation of Category 5 unshielded twisted pair wire and Category 6 quad-shielded coaxial cable.  With a structured wiring design, home offices, multiple PCs and advanced entertainment services can easily be enabled and adjusted as the homeowner's needs change.  A prewiring for an immediate or future security system is also available.


Blackman Builders will build your new home to the quality standards demonstrated in all of our completed homes.  Each new home is a handcrafted product----combining art, science, and raw labor.  The efforts of many people with varying degrees of knowledge, experience, and skill come together.  We coordinate and supervise these contributions to produce your dream home.  From time to time during a process that takes several months and involves dozens of people, an error or omission may occur.  We have systems and procedures for inspecting our homes to ensure that the level of quality meets our requirements.  We inspect every step of construction and are responsible for quality control.  In addition, the county, city, or an engineer conducts a number of inspections at different stages of construction.  Your home must pass each inspection before construction continues.

Construction of Your Home

        You will have the opportunity to meet with us at several points during the construction of your new home.  The first of these is a preconstruction conference, where we review your home plans, selections, and the changes you have requested.  At that time, we provide an overview of the construction process and answer your questions.  We also invite you to schedule routine construction reviews.  At these meetings, you will have our undivided attention.  We discuss questions you have, review the target delivery date, and confirm that we have correctly installed your selections or change orders.  We also understand that you will want to visit your new home between these construction reviews.  When doing so keep safety in mind and please realize that during the construction process, every home being built experiences some days when it is not at its best.  Homes under construction endure wind, rain, foot traffic, and activities that generate noise, dust, and trash.  Material scraps are a by-product of the process.  Although your home is cleaned on a schedule and by each trade upon completion of their portion of the work, during your visits you will encounter some messy moments.  Keep in mind that the completed homes you tour also once endured these "ugly duckling" stages.

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